The Ministry of Interior: Every foreigner who wishes to leave the country must pay his traffic fine

Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported thatThe General Department of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior stated that it is a continuation of the procedures to ensure the collection of debts due to the Ministry of Interior based on Decree No. (17/1959) of the Foreigners’ Residence Law and Decree-Law No. (67/1976) regarding traffic. The administration clarifies that every foreigner who wishes to leave the country, whatever the reason for leaving, must pay the traffic violations registered against him in the Ministry of Interior’s systems, through the Ministry of Interior’s electronic portal, or review one of the departments affiliated with the General Traffic Department in the governorates or offices located in the land and sea ports and the airport. Kuwait International, starting on Saturday 8/19/2023. The Ministry of the Interior calls on everyone to abide by the established legal provisions and not to violate these provisions, as it will not hesitate to carry out its duty to maintain security and public order in the country.


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