5 thousand dinars fine for infringement on the beaches

Inspection teams affiliated with the Environment Public Authority have begun carrying out joint campaigns with the Environment Police, every weekend, on gatherings on beaches, with the aim of stopping encroachments.

During a campaign targeting the Marina Beach, the teams recorded three violations, while beachgoers were made aware of some articles of the law and the importance of preserving the marine environment. The director of the Inspection Department at the “Environment” Nada Al-Dabbashi stressed that the law criminalizes all forms of encroachment on beaches, explaining that the financial fine amounts to 5 thousand dinars, and that anyone who causes environmental pollution will be referred to the Public Prosecution.

She added that the “Authority” focuses on implementing Article 33 of the Environmental Protection Law, which is concerned with throwing waste in unallocated places, and Article 100 related to the use of prohibited hunting tools or harming wild organisms.

Al-Dabbashi drew attention to many reports in this regard, in addition to igniting or burying coal, and an inspection is carried out to take the necessary measures.


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